24th European symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging

Kai Riemer presents his work on mapping blood flow and wall shear stress in the rabbit abdominal aorta in vivo using native blood speckle and microbubble contrast agent.


14th Sept- British Atherosclerosis Society Autumn meeting 2017, University of Cambridge

Zach Pang presented his poster ‘LRG1 expression is shear dependent and regulates endothelial activation.’

13th-14th September- MEIBioeng/MPEC 2017

Kai Riemer gave an oral presentation ‘Do spatial correlations of blood flow and pro-inflammatory changes support a role for inflammation in the development of atherosclerosis?’

Mean Ghim, Mehwish Arshad and Marta Dazzi presented posters.

April 4th-5th, 12th International Symposium Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease Symposium Christina Warboys gave a talk on ‘Inhibition of β-catenin-dependent transcription alters responses of disturbed flow in human aortic endothelial cells.’ Mehwish Arshad, Marta Dazzi, Mean Ghim and Zach Pang present their work in the form of a poster presentation.


November 7th, Imaging Sciences Divisional Symposium, King’s College London Marta Dazzi presents a poster on MR Imaging of plasma macromolecule uptake by the arterial wall.


September 12th-14th, Biomedical Imaging CDT conference, University of Oxford Marta Dazzi gives a talk on in vivo imaging of plasma macromolecule uptake by the artery wall at St John’s College, Oxford. csk6xi6wgaaxpbu

September 5th-6th, MEIBioeng16 University of Oxford – Mean Ghim presented a poster ‘Visualisation of three pathways for macromolecule transport across cultured endothelium and their modification by flow’.

Ethan Rowland gave a talk titled ‘Estimating arterial strain from endothelial cell nuclear spacing’.FullSizeRender

June 23rd-24th, Krakow, Poland– Peter Sowinski was invited to give a talk at the International Conference on Biotechnology And Welfare In Animal Science on ‘The role, tasks and responsibility of designated veterinarian in the light of new European DIRECTIVE 2010/63’.

May 2nd-3rd 11th International Symposium Biomechanics in Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Disease Symposium, Atlanta, GA USAPeter Weinberg gave a talk on ‘Visualisation of Three pathways for Macromolecule Transport across cultured Endothelium and their Modification by Flow’.

Eleni Bazigou, Emma Bailey, Zahra Mohri and Yumnah Mohamied presented posters.

February 12th-14th– Peter Weinberg gave a talk entitled “Visualization of three pathways for macromolecule transport across cultured endothelium and their modification by flow” at the 8th International Bio-Fluid Symposium, Pasadena, California.



Marta Dazzi won the Dragon’s Den group challenge at the Medical Imaging CDT summer school 2017.  This involved developing an innovative medical device and pitching it to a panel of investors (i.e. GSK, GE healthcare etc.). This summer school is an annual event involving PhD students from all UK Medical Imaging Centres for Doctoral Training. Marta also presented a poster on her work ‘Imaging uptake of plasma macromolecules by the artery wall’.


Congratulations to Paola Alpresa Gutiérrez for defending her thesis and becoming a Dr!



Congratulations to Dr. Yumnah Mohamied for successfully passing her PhD on multi-directional near-wall flow and its spatial correlation with atherosclerosis!


Mean Ghim won best poster presentation award at the MEIBioeng16 conference, University of Oxford. Well done Mean!


Congratulations to Dr. Mean Ghim on successfully passing his PhD viva!



Congratulations to Dr. Yean Chooi and Dr. Ethan Rowland on passing their PhD vivas!

Emma Bailey was one of 5 finalists for the Imperial College Post Doc Reps award 2015. She was presented with a certificate from the Provost.


Congratulations to Professor Weinberg who has been given a President’s award for Research Supervision 2014. The award celebrates and acknowledges staff who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of research supervision.


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Dr Yumnah Mohamied talked about fluid mechanics on BBC radio 4 today show on 24th November 2016. Listen to it here at 1:40:30.

Dr Zahra Mohri was featured on the British Heart Foundation’s facebook page to celebrate International Women’s Day – March 2015

Peter Vincent’s CFD simulations were featured as part of Michael Moseley’s blood programme on the BBC! Watch it here….pay particular attention approx. 28 mins into the programme.



Ethan and Marta are running the great north run on 9th Sept. Please sponsor them here:


Another successful year of London to Brighton- well done all!



The Weinberg group (past and present) had an exciting Christmas outing at Laser Quest!



Prof. Weinberg and his group (Zahra, Ethan, Marta) successfully completed the 2016 London to Brighton bike ride!IMG_3672