Best Air Purifies for Home Use

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There are two basic type of air purifier systems that are commonly used in homes and businesses alike. These include the HEPA filtration system and ionic air purifiers. There are advantages and disadvantages to all air purifiers, but it appears as though the advantages far outweigh any negative aspects. The goal of course, is to clean the air to the highest degree possible.

Why Purify the Air?

Many people suffer from allergies. Some reactions are obvious as is the culprit of those symptoms. For example, you can see the build up of pollen on the window sill during the spring months. Those who have hay fever, will quickly become congested, start sneezing and have watery eyes.

Room air purifiers can help eliminate some of the free flowing particles of allergens in the air that you can see, but more importantly, room air purifiers remove what you cannot see and what could be causing even greater health risks.

The Best Choice in Room Air Purifiers

Moulds and other air borne bacteria are often the root cause of some serious, long term health issues. Ionic air purifiers are designed to discharge negatively charged ions into the air and attract them to each other so that they adhere to surfaces where they are more easily eliminated. A HEPA filter on the other hand like those available from Hunter or Prozone, trap particles into the filter for later cleaning. Many people like the fresh air smell that results from an ionic air purifier, but prefer to have the particles trapped neatly in a HEPA filter like those found in the Honeywell air cleaner or Oreck air purifiers.

Alpine air purifiers provide another brand choice with both filter and filterless air purifier systems. The key to selecting which is right for you is based on the type of allergens introduced into your environment and size of the area to be purified. With room air purifiers either type is usually effective. It is more a matter of preference and budget, although both types can be found in several price ranges. The larger rooms or industrial spaces requiring precise particle removal may benefit more from the HEPA type of air purifier.

How an ion air purifier works

An ion air purifier works by ionizing the air. This process occurs in nature when atoms in the air gain electrons. Air rich in negative ions is often found in nature near waterfalls and near the ocean. Ionizers mimic this natural process to create negatively charged ions in the air. An ion air purifier is effective for removing smoke, mold, gases and animal dander from the air in your home.

Ion air purifiers cause these particles in the area to be charged, which makes the particles stick to surfaces in your home. Virtually every surface in your home will attract the particles, which you will see as a layer of dust. The particles aren’t entirely removed, unless the ion generator is part of an air cleaning unit with a filter. You will need to clean the dust and other particles from all areas of your home. This includes sweeping, dusting and vacuuming rugs, furniture and pleated drapes. Once this is done, the particles will be completely removed.

Ion air purifiers generate ozone

Best air purifier for smoke systems are very effective at removing smoke and gases from the air in your home. The debate with these purifiers lies in the fact that they produce ozone. The fresh smell is actually ozone in the air. Because ozone is considered a pollutant, some people worry about the safety of these products. Manufacturers insist the machines are safe and that the amount of ozone generated isn’t dangerous. Ozone can irritate people with asthma or severe allergies. To be safe, use your ion machine in a well ventilated area.

Some air cleaning systems, such as the Hunter HEPATech and the Honeywell Enviracare both have a built in ionizer. These machines are hepa filter type air cleaners. A separate switch activates the ionizing feature. Most of the charged particles are then sucked back into the filter, rather than settling on your furniture and floors. Products such as Prozone ozone generators don’t remove particles from the air. The purpose of these machines is to generate ozone to remove odors from the air. They are not effective at removing irritants from the air. Keep this in mind when purchasing an ion air purifier.

Hepa filtration systems

Hepa is the world’s leader in fan filters, ceiling filter systems and energy saving high temperature filter units. The name hepa is synonymous with air quality and purity.

Hepa filters address a wide variety of filtration needs. There are units made by the company intended for air duct purification and for use in clean room operations with air particles must be reduced to levels below 0.3 microns or manufacturing quality can be compromised.

Hepa creates systems to be used in some industries where air purity and sanitary conditions are of the utmost importance. This includes food processing and manufacturing facilities and hospital surgical units. Pharmaceutical manufacturers also rely on a cleaner environment in the manufacturing of medicines. Any place that the air must be free of particles is the right place for the best air purifier and humidifier .

It is not just in the commercial world that the hepa name is found. Homes around the world with air condition units and ceiling fans also run cleaner with a hepa filter on these units. The energy saving quality of hepa filers also makes their ceiling fan filter systems and support units run more efficiently while cleansing the air of minute particles than can cause harm.

Allergy Sufferers Benefit From Hepa

Those who suffer from air-born allergies will benefit from the hidden work of a hepa filter. Tiny particles that can cause anything from simple sneezing and coughing to life-threatening asthma attacks are removed from the environment safely and efficiently. Even the harmful effects of mould and the air residue it creates can be filtered out with a hepa system.

The Hepa Corporation recognizes the importance of not only cleaning the air of particles but making the filters available at an affordable price so everyone can breathe easier. With the energy saving features of a hepa filter, the consumer will realize a 50-60% reduction in energy costs from using other filtration systems. The savings make earning a return on investment happen as quickly as 12 months. With styles and systems for anytime of filtration unit and energy saving usage, everyone can enjoy purer air compliments of hepa.

Filterless air purifier qualities

A filterless air purifier offers a unique way to clean the air of particles and allergens without having to care for or replace disposable filters. The air filtering in a filterless air purifier is completed by changing the composition of the air so that particles cling to each other and hard surfaces instead of remaining in the air that enters our lungs.

Types of Filterless Air Purifiers

One way filterless air purifiers work is by negatively charged ions being emitted into the air. This is how ionic air purifiers work, such as those developed by the Honeywell Corporation. Here, the ions released into the air “grab” the air particles and whisk them out of the air that you breathe.

Aprilaire manufactures a filterless air purifier as well. The model 5000 electric air purifier captures the air into the cleaner and then releases clean air. The particles are charged in an electrical field in the capturing unit and particles are collected in grounded air cleaner media, so the only thing coming out of the unit is clean air.

The Need for Clean Air

With the pollutants in the air, even opening the windows for some “fresh” air introduces particles that are potentially harmful into our homes. During the extremely hot or cold seasons, homes are closed up and, because of better building technology, become somewhat air tight. This is good for controlling energy costs, but can make the perfect breeding ground for moulds and trap toxic allergens.

The great outdoors and all its fresh air is probably okay for those who are healthy. However, individuals with severe allergies, asthma, or a weakened immune system can really suffer serious consequences of untreated air. There are individuals with such severe breathing problems, that even perfumes and powders released into the air can cause great distress. Even closing up the house and locking out pollutants doesn’t do much to help these individuals. Air filtration is really the only solution for the severely allergic.

A filterless air purifier doesn’t just hold the particles and toxins on a filter in your home, but eliminates them completely. By changing the physical nature of the contaminated air particles, they become harmless through a good filterless air purifier.

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