P D Weinberg is principal investigator or sole investigator unless stated

  1. BHF Project Grant “Effect of multidirectional flow on endothelial cell alignment and transport of LDL-sized particles” awarded 29.1.16. £228,486
  2. BHF Project Grant (with Dr David Leake, University of Reading, as PI and Prof Ketan Patel, University of Reading) “Inhibition of the lysosomal oxidation of low density lipoprotein and its effect on atherosclerosis” awarded 29.1.16. £182,779 (£0 Imperial component)
  3. BHF Intermediated Basic Science Fellowship (Supervisor of Fellow Chrstina Warboys) “Is β-catenin a master regulator of mechanical signalling in the endothelium?” 14.3.2016-13.3.2020. £427,762
  4. BHF REA MRes/PhD Project (with Dr Menxing Tang as CoI) “Relation between experimentally-determined blood flow and pro-inflammatory changes in arterial endothelium” 1.10.2016-30.9.2020. Approx £100k
  5. KCL/Imperial CDT in Medical Imaging PhD project (PI, with Prof R Botnar and Dr A Phinikaridou, KCL) “Imaging anatomical variation in uptake of plasma macromolecules by the coronary artery wall” 1.10.2015-30.9.2018. Approx 90k
  6. BHF Centre of Research Excellence MRes PhD Project (with Prof Spencer Sherwin and Anna Randi as CoIs) “Effect of multidirectional flow on endothelial transport properties and associated signalling pathways” 1.10.2015-30.9.2019. Approx £100k
  7. BHF Centre of Research Excellence Pilot Project (CoI, with Prof A Randi as PI and Dr G Foldes) “Engineering microvascular networks for regenerative medicine using human induced pluripotent stem cells and 3D printing” Awarded 12.12.14. £50,000
  8. EPSRC Standard Grant (CoI, with Dr Menxing Tang as PI, Prof R Cosgrove and Dr R Eckersley (KCL)) “Ultrafast contrast enhanced ultrasound for quantification of flow and tissue perfusion” Awarded 26.3.2015. £382,848
  9. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CoI with 5 others, Prof J C Vassilicos as PI) “Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics across Scales” 1.4.14 – 30.9.22. £ 4,279,853 (EPSRC contribution)
  10. Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund grant (PI, with Prof C Coombes, Prof M Dallman and Dr H Lamble as CoIs) “Establishing a Network of Excellence in Cancer Engineering” 1.10.2013-30.9.2014. £112,904
  11. EPSRC Pathways to Impact funding (Internal) “Stimulating Pharmaceutical Industry Interest in Arterial Wall Mass Transport”1.5.2013-30.6.2013. £8,813
  12. British Heart Foundation Project grant (PI, with Dr Z Mohri as Co-I) “Test of a new “comfort zone” theory relating mechanical stresses to atherosclerosis”1.7.2013-30.6.2016. £209,988.
  13. BHF Centre of Research Excellence (CoI, with Prof M Schneider as PI and 11 others)1.4.2014- 31.3.2019. £3,000,000.
  14. EPSRC International Research Collaborations Funding (Internal, with Dr F Rodriguez y Baena as PI, and CoIs Prof AMJ Bull and Dr R Fenton)“Building collaborations with the Institute of Biodesign, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), India, in the field of Biomedical Engineering”.2.7.12-31.3.13. £42,000
  15. EU FP7 Marie Curie Reintegration Fellowship (Jointly supervised with Prof S J Sherwin) “Identifying causes of lipoprotein trapping in arteries” 1.9.2011 – 31.08.2014. Up to Euros 100,000.
  16.  EU FP7 Incoming International Fellowship (Co-ordinator) “Correlation Between Numerical Estimation of In Vivo Local Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Concentration and Endothelial Permeability” 01.11.11 – 31.10.13. Euros 210,093
  17.  BHF Centre for Research Excellence PhD project (PI, with CoIs Dr A Randi, Prof CR Ethier and Dr DR Overby). “Development and use of a novel bioreactor to investigate mechanical and biological determinants of endothelial permeability” 7.3.2011-30.9.2013. Approx £75,000
  18.  British Heart Foundation Programme grant (with Professor D O Haskard) “Identifying rate-limiting mechanisms in the initiation of atherosclerotic lesions” 1.9.2011 – 31.8.2016. £1,268,154
  19.  Faculty Strategic Initiative Support for building large-scale collaborations with the Indian Institute of Science Awarded 18.1.2011. £22,000
  20.  BHF Centre for Research Excellence PhD project (with Prof S J Sherwin) “Mechanical determinants of endothelial cell shape and alignment” 1.10.2010—30.9.2013. Approx £75,000
  21.  British Heart Foundation Project grant (with Dr DS Leake as PI) “Atherogenic effects of the lysosomal oxidation of low density lipoprotein” 1.7.10-30.6.13. £202,285
  22.  BHF Centre for Research Excellence PhD project (with Prof J A Mitchell as PI) “Relationship between fluid forces, cyclo-oxygenase expression and endothelial cell function: implications for cardiovascular health and disease” 1.10.2009—30.9.2012. Approx £75,000.
  23.  BHF Centre for Research Excellence PhD project (with Prof S J Spencer as PI) “What role does blood flow play in the initiation of arterial disease?” 1.10.2009—30.9.2012. Approx £75,000.
  24. BHF Centre for Research Excellence Postdoctoral project (CoI, with Prof S J Spencer as PI)Experimental and CFD investigation of the aortic flow and mass transport 1.1.2009—30.9.2014. £390,000
  25. British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship (Supervisor of the Fellow, Dr Jordi Alastruey-Arimon and postdoctoral support for Dr AAE Hunt) “Modelling pulse wave propagation in arteries and veins: Application to cardiovascular disease and its treatment” 1.11.2009-31.10.2013. £273,862
  26. BHF Centre for Research Excellence Pilot project (with Prof C R Ethier as PI, and Drs J Mason and W Gsell) “Correlation of mouse aortic arch hemodynamics with endothelial transcription factor expression and activity” Awarded 28.7.08. £40,000
  27. British Heart Foundation Educational grant “Support for Bioengineering08” Awarded 29.7.08. £3,000
  28. BHF Project grant (with Professors R Krams and S J Sherwin) “Does uptake of circulating lipoproteins by the arterial wall determine plaque vulnerability in mice?” 1.12.2008-31.1.2012. £175,030
  29. BHF Project grant (with Professor C L Jackson as PI) “Vessel Wall dynamics and plaque rupture” 4.2.2008-3.2.2011. £169,649
  30. EPSRC Project Grant “Of mice and men: adjustment of endothelial cells to the different haemodynamic wall shear stresses occurring in arteries of different species” 28.1.2008-27.1.2009. £110,802
  31. BHF Research Excellence Award Leader of the “Physiological & Pathological Fluid-Tissue Interactions” Theme 2007-30.9.2014. £8.9M
  32. EPSRC Project grant (with Dr S G Kazarian as PI) “FTIR spectroscopic imaging applied to atherosclerosis” 15.3.07 – 14.3.09. £188,168
  33. Faculty Strategic Reserve Equipment and managerial support (with Profs S Sherwin and N Peters) Inter-Faculty Cardiovascular Mechanics Initiative Awarded 27.10.06. £100,000
  34. BHF Educational grant Symposium support 20.9.2006. £3,000
  35. BHF project grant (with Prof S Sherwin and Drs J Peiro and D Doorly) “Re-assessment of the role of blood flow in arterial disease” 9.6.06 – 8.12.07. £77,852
  36. BBSRC Departmental Training Award Six studentships (3 Standard Research, 3 Standard CASE) 1.10.06-30.9.12. £481,776
  37. BBSRC project grant (with Profs G E Mann and J D Pearson) “Tightening the barrier: developing techniques for obtaining physiological mass transfer properties of endothelium in vitro” 1.2.06-31.1.09.  £214,957
  38. Institute of Biomedical Engineering PhD studentship (Dr S Sherwin as PI) “Computation of blood flow at arterial branches: the role of haemodynamics in the localisation of atherosclerosis” 1.10.2004-30.9.2007 £36,000
  39. BBSRC Project grant (transferred from Dr G H Rimbach) “Molecular mechanisms of action of isoflavones on glutathione induction in human cultured cells and in vivo” 7.11.2001-31.10.2004. £151,448
  40. Research Endowment Trust Fund Infrastructure grant (with Dr J Gibbins as PI and Prof G Brooks) “Flow-based fluorescence video microscopy system for specialised cardiovascular biology studies” Awarded 29.4.03. £10,000
  41. British Heart Foundation PhD Studentship “Do age-related changes in the pattern of blood flow explain age-related changes in the pattern of atherosclerosis?” 1.10.03-30.9 06. £66,389
  42. BBSRC Research Equipment Initiative (with 9 others) “Visualisation by confocal microscopy of protein location and interactions within living cells” Awarded 4.10.02. £268,755 (BBSRC contribution of £139,339, Industrial contribution of £115,036 and University contribution of £14,380).
  43. BBSRC Project grant (with Dr M J Carrier) “Development of a non-invasive technique for measuring nitric oxide bioactivity in large arteries in vivo” 9.12.02-30.09.07. £334,708
  44. British Heart Foundation Project grant “Does the atheroprotective effect of L-arginine disappear with age?” 8.7.02-7.7.05. £149,499
  45. Unilever Running costs for PhD studentship (with Dr G Rimbach as PI) “Molecular mechanisms by which isoflavones protect against cardiovascular disease” 1.10.01-30.9.02. £5,000
  46. Wellcome Trust Project Grant “Visualisation of pathways for macromolecule transport across vascular endothelium” 1.2.2001- 31.7.2002. £93,761
  47. Royal Society Research Grant “Nitric oxide and atherosclerosis” 2.3.2000. £6,810
  48. British Heart Foundation Project Grant “Do NO-mediated transport properties of the arterial wall play a critical role in coronary atherogenesis?” 1.8.2000-31.7.2002. £77,525
  49. British Heart Foundation Project Grant (with Profs G E Mann and J D Pearson) “Investigation in vitro of changes in the nitric oxide pathway which mediate age-related alterations of arterial wall permeability” 1.3.00-31.8.01. £9,185
  50. British Heart Foundation PhD Studentship “Does the flow-dependent release of nitric oxide cause transport properties of the arterial wall to vary near branches?” 1.10.96-30.9.99. £53,188
  51. British Heart Foundation Project Grant “Test of a novel version of the insudation theory by mapping changes in lesion location caused by aging, hyperlipidaemia and alteration of nitric oxide synthesis” 1.9.96-29.2.00. £74,554
  52. Medical Research Council Project Grant “Development of techniques for studying transport of low density lipoprotein into the arterial wall” 1.4.95-31.12.95. £35,994
  53. Royal Society Research Grant “Uptake of LDL by the arterial wall” 13.7.95. £8,402
  54. Research Endowment Trust Fund Research Assistantship “Lipoprotein aggregation and its role in atherosclerosis” 15.3.93. £11,505
  55. Wellcome Trust Project Grant (with Dr D S Leake) “An investigation in vivo of the role of oxidised LDL in atherosclerosis” 1.12.92-30.11.95. £122,872
  56. BUPA Medical Foundation Ltd Research Assistantship “An investigation of LDL aggregation and its role in atherosclerosis” 1.10.92-30.9.93. £11,505
  57. Research Endowment Trust Fund Equipment Grant (with Dr D S Leake)” Purchase of Ultracentrifuge” 23.3.92. £12,500
  58. British Heart Foundation Project Grant “An assessment of the role of arterial mass transport in atherogenesis by comparison of local tracer uptake in three animal models prone to different patterns of disease” 1.1.92-31.12.94. £100,145
  59. Research Endowment Trust Fund PhD Studentship “Local variation in the uptake of lipoproteins by the arterial wall: relevance to atherosclerosis”1.10.91-30.9.94. £23,700
  60. Royal Society Research Grant”Lipoprotein uptake by arteries” 15.2.91. £10,000
  61. Medical Research Council Project Grant (with Drs C P Winlove and K H Parker) Mass transport in the arterial wall near branches: local variation and its structural and haemodynamic determinants” 1.9.90-29.2.92. £31,755